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Mandambela is a young man on a mission to revive and rewrite a new manuscript on Africa soul hip hop. Since young age, growing up in Angola, Mandambela wanted nothing more then to contribute to his community and the entire societies of the world, something valuable, fresh, genuine and unique. Even though at the time he didn’t have an idea as what exactly that he wanted to share with his people and the world with, in his mind he knew with the right timing things will eventually come together.

And that reflect much on his first offspring title :( Tetuatiukila) witch in English translate we’ll go back, Mandambela decided to do the unthinkable, unimaginable, and unheard off in Angolan hip hop circle. Mandambela embraced his ancestry’ calling to record an album in his vernacular, Umbundo a language from south of Angola. In attempt to restore pride in young people in this country of Angola and across the world most who have lost the touch and interest in their culture and way of life of the people before them.

With all that said, what really set Mandambela apart from others musicians of this era is ability to stay true to himself and also at the same time tackle issues facing young people today, issues such as love, crime, peer pressure, self worth, respect and many others, when many have opted to portray negative pictures of female.
Mandambela has taken a different step; he has decided to paint a positive picture of a female, a leader, doctor, nurse, mother, wife, sister, nice and the list is endless.
This soft spoken young man is on mission of his own.

This album is for everybody and anyone forget about the language barrier but rather let the whispers of the wind, the spirit of the universe take you place you never thought was possible.

As the title says we will go back, it is simple means let’s go back to the basic, right at the beginning where everything started, let us get in touch with ourselves and bring up the best in us, in true Mandambela`s vision, let your neighbor’s eyes be your mirror to the outside world.

For more info: mandambela78@yahoo.com
Face book Faustino Angelo mandambela
Cell: 0833550886 (South Africa)

Mandambela - Ukai Wo Africa.mp3


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